Roof Replacement and Repairs

The Ultimate Summary to Buying a Roof

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Do you need a new roof?
There is no denying that a home and roof destroyed by wildfire, winds, hail, or other extreme weather, is in need of good insurance but also repair or remodeling. But more often than not, a need for repair or replacement is indicated by a seemingly innocent mold or mildew stain or water leak in a ceiling. This telltale sign may ultimately prove fairly cheap to repair, or it could call for an expensive renovation.

Sometimes, you may be able to locate the leaks source on your own, if you have a bare-bones attic and are able to find the water trickling down the rafters or along a stud. However, it is best to let a professional owens corning shingles roofer or some other local qualified roofer perform the inspection and take care of repairs. We highly recommend against commercial or residential homeowners going around navigating steep ladders on rooftops or climbing angled roofs on their own.

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The home or roof repair fix can be as simple as caulking the crack, replacing some shingles, or installing a few flashings – a water-resistant membrane or metal sheets that direct the water away. Most leaks can be stopped when limited to just a few spots.

If you are experiencing repeated leaks
Hopefully, the roof is not past warranty, then you need a new roof. Even if there are no visible signs of damage, replacing a warranty-expiring roof over 20 years is smart. Metal, tile or asphalt shingles are still by far the most popular choice for roofing, as these roofing materials are relatively cheap and easy to install, compared to clay roofing.

In CRCs roof tests

  • Some shingles performed better in general than others which were more expensive
  • Some offer an attractively multi-layered appearance, or are available in an enormous range of colors
  • Stone, tile, and metal are also nice options, but cost more
  • Tile is prevalent in the Southwest and Florida
  • It blocks UV rays and is heat-reflective and matches homes with a Spaniard or Mediterranean-style
  • Slate is a more popular choice in the Northeast, where Victorian and Gothic homes dating back to 1800 are still fairly common.
  • Metal roofing is found all over the country

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The performance of these options is truly dependent on the installers skills which relies on hardwork
A metal roof may last for 50 years, while slate can last over 100 years, if maintained properly. The high cost of natural slate and tile roofs has led to the recent introduction of synthetic slate and tile roof products made from various materials, including rubber, plastic, and clay. These roofs will not last as long as real slate, but are cheaper to purchase and do not require the installation of a trained mason.

Keep in mind, you might need to only install one side of your roof, instead of the whole surface
This is something to talk with your home remodel or roofing contractor about. And if you can put the new shingles over the top of the old ones, you will save money than having to take the old shingles down and starting over. However, you or a contractor would need to check with your municipal government about what is allowed; if you already installed two layers, adding another may be prohibited.

When you shop for roofing shingles, you may be impressed at how many manufacturers offer lifetime guarantee. But, in roofing lingo, lifetime is not actually life. Its more like 10 years.

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It is imperatice to understand roofing warranties.

That is how long most manufacturers under their base warranties will fully compensate a home owners roof for replacement of a faulty shingles. After that – and during the remainder of the time that you own the house – they will reimburse only the value of the depreciating shingles.

A roofing warranty does not cover if shingles manufacturers discover problems with the ventilation system of your house.
Manufacturers generally won’t cover damage caused by some acts of God, like extremely strong winds and hail; you would need to file a homeowners insurance claim for this, or pay out-of-pocket. Given all these caveats, warranties shouldn’t probably be the primary goal when choosing a new roof. Instead, our testers suggest putting your trust in strong shingles and a trustworthy contractor.

That is, look at whether or not warranties are transferable to the next owner. If you are selling the house, a transferable roof warranty could be an advantage for the prospective buyer.

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If you are likely to add solar panels to a new roof, look at the warranties for the shingles you are considering so that solar panel installations do not invalidate them. You should also check the insurance coverage from your solar-panel installation company. While replacing your roof is not a DIY project, it is useful to estimate the cost of the shingles themselves when you are comparing quotes from roofing contractors.

Manufacturers price roofs per square footage, or 100 square feet
To estimate how much roofing you all need, multiply the total length and width of each section of roofing in feet, add up the numbers for the sections, and add a 10% margin for error. Then divide by 100 to figure out how many squares you need. In addition to buying extras to make up for the loss, it is good to have a back-up set of scraps handy to make small repairs. That way, you are covered in case manufacturers stop making these caps. For a 2,300-square-foot, single-story home with a moderately pitched roof, for instance, you would figure around 30 shingles covering an overall area of 3,000 square feet – this should leave you plenty of room to save and additional shingles to use in future repairs.

While manufacturers price their products per square, roofs are typically packaged, and sold, as a package. In general, you will need between three and five bundles of shingles to cover one square of roof – the exact number of bundles needed depends on what kind of shingles you are buying; the heavier the shingles, the less you will receive per bundle. By law, every bundle of shingles must state explicitly how many square feet it covers, so you can figure out how many bundles you will need and budget accordingly.

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Once you decide on your shingle style
Consult manufacturers websites to find contractors recommendations. Contractors who are certified by the company are theoretically better trained to install the product.

Your homeowners insurance company might have a network of contractors as well
Look for a contractor that has been in business at least five years and has a good local reputation. With any roofing contractor, ask for local references and verify that they are licensed locally and in the state, that they are insured, that they have a Better Business Bureau rating, and that they are current on their insurance – both liability and workers compensation. Request at least three quotes from the pros.

The costs of a big job like replacing your whole roof can be very different
Even if you install exactly the same type of shingles. For asphalt shingles, prices vary from around $75 to $105 a square for basic tri-tab shingles, to $350 per square for multi-layered, architectural-style shingles. The shingles themselves should be similar in price regardless of who installs them, but related costs of labor and roofing materials are something to keep an eye on when comparing quotes. You want to get a breakdown of all costs involved: a price for the shingles, one for the labor of removing the old ones and installing new ones, and a contingency budget outlining costs should your roofer find the siding needs replacing.

Some installers offer warranties on the work separately from the shingles manufacturer
Be sure to ask about them in writing. Of the dozens of contractors websites we examined across the nation, only a handful displayed an explicit guarantee. The warranties we found covered anywhere from one to 50 years, although experts told us most roofing problems occur within the first two years. Before giving you an estimate, the contractor must evaluate all of the components on and around the roof, including the drip edges and the gutters that direct the flow of water. In a full-scale roof repair or replacement, the baseboards typically will need to be replaced. This component, typically treated paper or a synthetic sheet, serves as the weather shield above your decking–the flat surfaces, typically plywood, that sit atop your rafters.

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In a cold climate, the roofer might recommend applying a membrane that protects against ice jams
Which could lead to water seepage, to certain areas. Adding or upgrading roof vents and ducting can improve attic airflow and prevent damaging moisture accumulation. Replacing or fixing flashing, the material surrounding your fireplace and the place your roof plan meets, can keep you from getting leaks; ask about alternatives to copper, which is tough and handsome, but expensive. Ideally, ask for a contract locking in your work price.

If a contractor requires that you adhere to a time-sensitive clause
Contractors can do this to make more money, or they are on a strict timetable. They do this by making you liable for price increases during a time frame, be sure to find out what you would be liable for. And if you need your roof done immediately, ask the contractor what colors and styles are available right now, so that you will have to deal with a minimum amount of waiting. If the contractor does not know, find another roofer. Asphalt shingles are popular because they combine looks, durability, and reasonable prices, plus they are usually the easiest to install, saving money on labor costs too.

Specialty roofing materials such as slate, tile, and metal tend to cost much more, but can also last significantly longer – and look great. CR tests only asphalt shingles, but we offer info on fake slate and composite tiles below, too. These two alternatives provide an upmarket appearance, similar to that of stone slabs and tiles, but are easier to install and significantly cheaper than their authentic counterparts. For reference, a real slate roof can run $1,500 a square, plus at least that much for an experienced mason to install it.

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Strength, longevity, and good looks must all be in place to secure the roof cladding of your home. While a well-built roof provides years of service, with all of the elements that it is fighting against year-round, wear is the natural outcome.

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Taking on your roof replacement is a major, high-ticket project
It is important to make the right choices that affect your homes structural integrity, so thoroughly evaluate your options before you take on your roof. A well-built, well-maintained roof typically has a lifespan of about 20 years, and you definitely know that it needs some attention by signs like a shingle that is tattered or blown off, a moss or algae movie that indicates water is holding back, and obvious wear and tear around the eaves, pipes, and other openings. Spot repairs on the roof can probably be done if most of the roofs surface has a lot of life left; otherwise, you have several strategies for replacing your roof.

A completely new roof

  • Provides an opportunity for reliable weather stripping
  • The latest in cladding materials and flashing
  • Long-term guarantee of the materials integrity over 20 years and beyond

With a second roof layer
Durability is not quite as broad, about 25% lower than a single-layer new roof. This is because the extra heat will get trapped inside the original roof, drying the new layer. Another is applying a layer of the new roof over the top of the old, which is possible only if the existing roof is a single-layer thick and well maintained, has a sturdy deck, and has compatible shingles with the new application.

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If the condition of your roof provides an opportunity to decide between these options, think about how many years you expect to live in the re-roofed house. If you are planning on staying for a long time, the wiser choice is an entirely new roof, whereas short-term stays warrant saving money by going for a two-layer option. Roof Age: A properly installed asphalt shingle roof should, on average, last 20 to 30 years. Keep in mind this timeframe will vary greatly depending on the quality of your asphalt shingles, your ventilation to your roof (cooler roofs will last longer), and your exposure to sunlight (shady roofs will last even longer).

Water damage and roof leaks
Finding out about a leak or a large amount of water damage on the roof can be especially stressful and expensive for homeowners. Some small leaks can be fixed relatively easily, but larger, longer-term leaks can require a partial or complete replacement of the roof. Whether you find the leak, it is good practice to inspect the inside and outside of the attic, cracks, chimneys, and flashings for signs of damage.

Before Installing Solar Panels
If you are thinking about taking the plunge on solar energy for your home, it is worth noting that many solar companies recommend replacing your roof before installing solar panels. If your roof is going to be in need of replacement before you install your solar panels — most PV has an average life span of about 20 years before needing service and replacement — then you are likely better off replacing the roof first.

Before Selling your Home
Homeowners thinking of listing their homes on the market will be glad to hear that a new roof would attract buyers. Experts agree that homes with new roofs enjoy higher market values compared with homes that need to be roof repaired or replaced soon.

Plus, you never know what the future holds, so replacing a roof benefits you as long as you are still living in your current living situation. Extensive roof damage: As for the damage, there are some telltale signs that indicate that your roof is close to its last days. Shingles that are cracked, curled, or missing completely are usually signs of major roofing repairs–signs your roof is in need of a refresh within the next five or 10 years.

 – And thus shall ye say to him that liveth in prosperity, Peace be both to thee, and peace be to thine house, and peace be unto all that thou hast.

If your roof appears to sag or sink at any point
You may be dealing with serious structural damage that is only going to get worse as time goes on. Extensive damage to your roof – be it a result of age, weather, storms, or unexpected damage (such as from a tree or other large object falling on top of your roof) – often requires repairing the roof partially or completely. So, what you are looking at is the need for a new roof.

There are the top 5 most popular roof covering materials that we recommend for a replacement roof:

Each material has pros and cons, but with these tips, we can help you pick the right one for your home.

An important part of your roofing repairs is the weatherproofing
This layer is built under those shingles that you see. Accumulated moisture is the number one enemy of any type of roofing material, and it can shorten the life of a roof quickly, which is why a base layer that is designed specifically as a shield from snow, ice, and rain is a worthy investment. This kind of material is applied underneath your shingles and right on top of your roof deck, creating a watertight bond that will protect not only your roof from pools of water caused by ice dams, but from winds-driven rain and snow, too.

Repairing areas around your chimney, skylights, and dormers can also be beneficial for the structure of your house, and this is where the material called flashing comes in. Where these features meet your roof, flashing provides a seal against water and air, ensuring durability on the outside, as well as indoor comfort and energy savings.

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